How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Interactions

FacebookIt’s very important to get lots of interactions on your company Facebook page.


Interactions help to determine your page’s performance on Facebook as well as how many people actually see your page posts on their News Feeds. It also plays a role in getting high organic search engine rankings.

Without interactions, your Facebook page is worthless.

If you want to increase your Facebook page interactions, you should follow the tips below.

  • Be Personal – The more you are personal the better the conversations you’ll have with your Facebook fans. Consider posting your name with posts. It adds a nice personal touch.
  • Be a Person, Not a Brand – It’s not about being a brand. It’s about having conversations with your customers. Talk like a person, not like a brand. You’ll be amazed at the results if you do this.
  • Provide Valuable Information – Your Facebook page should be a resource center for your customers. It should be a place where your customers can find answers to their problems. Avoid advertising too much about products and services in your posts.
  • Get Opinions – It’s all about conversation. Get the opinions of fans on various topics regarding issues surrounding your products and services. It’s a great way to get perspective straight from the customers.
  • Respond ASAP – If someone asks a question, respond to it as soon as possible. It’s the best way to increase interactions. Also be aware that it’s your responsibility to facilitate and moderate conversations on your Facebook page.
  • Pay Attention to Analytics – Facebook has great analytical tools that allow you to examine the performance of each post. Take some time to analyze your posts every single month. It will help you identify popular topics and trends to increase interactions.

  • Provide Expert Tips – Make your Facebook page a hub where customers can get free expert tips. Start conversations on your page that will give fans access to company/industry experts. It’s a great way to improve your reputation.
  • Call to Actions – If you want people do something, you need to ask them. Include call to actions in your posts. They can be as simple as “click the Like Button” or “Read this post here.” You have to tell people what you want them to do.
  • Be Fair – You want to treat everyone with respect and as equals. You’re not always going to like people’s comments. However, if you handle them in a professional way, your customers will respect your company more.
  • Make Fans Feel Special – Your Facebook page is about your customers. Make them feel special. Host a photo contest or a fan of the week contest. It will keep them coming back to your page.
  • Be Consistent – You want to be consistent in your postings. Try to post several times a week. It’s the best way to increase your visibility and increase interactions with followers on Facebook.

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